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Planning, Collaborations, Resources and Services Rules

Postby Lethe » Wed Jun 07, 2017 9:00 am

The Planning and Collaborations forum is used to
  • ask for input on projects still in their planning stage, with little or no substantial content to show yet,
  • gauge interest and look for partners for joint projects or events.
Its subforum, Resources and Services, is used to
  • share resources with each other,
  • ask for site-related services and to offer your own.
The usual forum rules apply.


  • Only post projects if you're looking for feedback.
    If you only want to share with others that you're going to work on a specific site, or that you have an idea for a site, use the Site Talk forum instead. This forum is reserved for people looking for ideas and feedback on upcoming projects, not general enthusiasm or interest.
  • Make a new topic for your finished or in-progress site.
    Once a project is out of its planning stage, make a new topic in the Website Projects forum. You may request for your planning topic to be locked, but it is not a must.


  • Any planning is allowed.
    You may use this forum to look for people to join your project, or to brainstorm first ideas with visitors and participants alike. Once you're settled, please use private channels for detail work on your project.
  • Event planning is allowed.
    You may also use this forum to plan or gauge interest in any kind of website-related event, e.g. directories or webrings, themed marathons, etc.


  • Keep general questions about coding and graphics to the Help Corner forum.
    This subforum is for rendered services, not for inquiries regarding coding and graphics issues, e.g. "Why is this code not working?", "How do I make a site responsive?", "How do I use brushes?", "What's a good serif font for content?".
  • Any non-commercial services around site-making are allowed.
    Examples: beta-reading, translating, guest articles, redrawing, graphics-making, screencapping, help finding image sources, etc. Refrain from asking for illegal content.
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