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Plugging and Commenting Rules

Postby Lethe » Wed May 03, 2017 8:17 am

The purpose of the Website Projects forum is to show each other our projects, to share our progress on them as well as to give and receive feedback.

Note that a minimum post count of 10 posts across the forums is required before you can make a new topic in this forum. The Rose Keep is not just a place to advertise our own projects - it is a place to interact with others and to encourage each other. As such, we'd prefer it for members to have shown interest in others first before plugging their own projects.

The usual forum rules apply.


  • Only plug creative projects related to webdesign and web development.
    Plugging sites with commercial elements is allowed if the main intention is to share the site with others and to receive feedback, rather than to advertise your products.
  • Only plug sites with content.
    Plugging sites that are still in the works, i.e. still missing a considerable amount of content, is perfectly acceptable as long as they have some content up. Having only a splash page or layout uploaded is not sufficient. Use your best judgement. If your site is still in planning phase, use the Planning and Collaborations forum instead.
  • One topic per project, one project per topic.
    There are two exceptions to this: In the case of themed collectives (example: a Final Fantasy sub-collective for your own FF shrines and fanlistings), you are free to choose whether to plug sites separately or to keep it all in one topic. In the case of fanlisting collectives, limit it to one collective topic unless a fanlisting is part of a bigger fansite. Use the Introductions forum if you'd like to introduce yourself with all of your work.
  • Post updates to a site in its designated topic.
    Any updates concerning a site that has been plugged should be posted in the topic you have already created for that site. (You are welcome to make a new topic for an old site if it hasn't been plugged before.) It is recommended that you update your first post with links to posts containing major updates. In the case of major updates and revamps, you may add the date of the last update to the topic title.
  • Label topics with the site type.
    The Rose Keep welcomes the creation of many different kinds of sites, and thus won't separate forums by categories. For ease of orientation though, label your topics accordingly. The current labels in use are as follows:
    • [Collective] (general)
    • [Shrine] / [Shrine Collective] (themed)
    • [Fanlisting] / [Fanlisting Collective]
    • [Blog]
    • [Portfolio]
    • [Other]
    More labels are added in the future depending on the frequency of certain site types. If you'd like to propose another label to be added to this list, get in touch with an administrator.

    An example topic title:
    [Shrine] [Mature] Site Name - Subject from Series (12/08)
  • Do not plug plagiarized content.
    This applies to any element of a site, notably text, code and graphics. In the case of fanart usage, you are required to have both the artist's permission to use their art as well as to credit them on your site. Please include a line on your site to state that you have acquired such permission (blanket permissions are fine). Note that sites such as Google, imgur and Zerochan are not valid sources. Where applicable, your credit should link to an artist's individual profile or portfolio.

    Topics and posts containing plagiarized content may be temporarily removed while under review, and are locked or deleted if the sites are found to be in violation of this rule. The member in question will be notified.


  • Respect boundaries.
    If a site-maker has specified the kind of feedback they'd like to receive, please respect that. If someone is not looking for any suggestions or criticism, leave it at that.
  • Give constructive criticism.
    When pointing out errors or making suggestions, do so in a constructive way in accordance with the community's vision. Insulting others is not tolerated.


  • Do not spam.
    You are welcome to ask for affiliates when plugging or commenting, but do not spam requests. If you're on an affiliating spree and the topics aren't recent, and you don't have any feedback, please contact the person privately instead.
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