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Let It Bloom!

Postby Lethe » Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:41 pm

Aaaaaand we're open! Hi, everyone, and welcome to The Rose Keep!

Masao and I have launched this community to provide a space where people from different parts of the internet can come together to join in the common hobby of amateur websites, whether as a creator or visitor. It is our hope that this will become a meeting place for everyone to exchange ideas, learn from each other and support each other while fostering new bonds.

If you're new, have a look at the Community Rules to familiarize yourself with the workings of the forums, and consider making a topic in the Introductions forum to tell us about yourself. :yes:

The Rose Keep doesn't have that many features up yet as we'd like to focus on getting to know each other and promoting the community in this initial phase. We do have some things for you to take part in right away though, to help kick off this new community and to get the word out!

  • [Event] Summer Vacation!!
    To celebrate existing sites across the different communities we take part in, let's introduce them to each other! Submit someone else's site that you associate with summer and we'll turn it into a pretty postcard for our summer postcard gallery, and for you to send to the person you admire if you wish! :wink: Participation is possible through the forums or through Twitter. This event runs from now until August 14th. Head over to the event topic for specifics.

  • [Event] Flower Garden Layout Marathon
    Fresh starts come with fresh looks - give a site of yours that long-planned makeover based on one of our keywords! There's a shiny event badge to grab as well. :excited: This event runs from now until September 14th, the due date for your layout being August 14th. Head over to the event topic for specifics.

  • [Feature] Community Update Hashtag
    With the #rosekeep hashtag, we aim to offer a way for people to keep updated on each other's site activities. The success of this feature depends on how much it's used, which means it's on you! Check out the info topic for specifics, and let us know about those recent updates of yours! :sparkle:

  • [Feature] Teacake Hosting
    For those of you currently looking for a host, check out our new hosting service, Teacake Hosting! Teacake Hosting is aimed at our kind of audience; as such, it aims to provide webspace at affordable prices. Whether you're looking for a new host or are considering getting into website-making again after a break, we hope that you give our service some consideration. :yes:

  • Linking Back
    Wondering how you can help The Rose Keep? Tell your friends about us! In addition to promoting and taking part in the activities and features above, you can show your membership in this community by grabbing a button to display on your site. All the shiny pixels around the community, including the emotes modelled after Masao's cute cat Aki ( :tongue: ), were donated by a talented friend of Masao's - thank you!! :heart2:

However you may have found your way here, we hope that you enjoy the stay! And if you have any suggestions, let us know - be it through the forums or our community Twitter @therosekeep. :yes:
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Re: Let It Bloom!

Postby Masao » Thu Jul 13, 2017 2:41 pm

:excited: Just to add for Teacake Hosting, if there are any questions on how things work, feel free to message me directly or tweet at the official twitter account. I'm pretty excited to have it up and running!

And we would love members to retweet event posts (such as here and here), and tell friends who might be interested in our community. I'd love to see more people on board to make sites, or even to talk about them if you're happy as a visitor (I mean where would we be without our faithful visitors? :heart: )

The script section of the forums may look confusing right now, but I'll put more info on those soon! Especially if anyone is interested in beta testing my scripts, so they can move into "official" releases. :eyes:

Lethe and I have been working on this for a while, and it's just so exciting to see people chat and post and I'm looking forward to future fun events and bonding. :yes: :heart2:
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