Cases of Plagiarism

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Cases of Plagiarism

Postby Lethe » Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:39 pm

This announcement is made for the sake of transparency, especially since this issue touches on the heart of our community.

We value the creativity in this community and hobby, and what each of us brings to the table as individuals. The Rose Keep was made to celebrate and support the efforts that go into any aspect of this hobby, and we ask of our members to respect those efforts. Our community rules and plugging rules thus state that we do not tolerate plagiarism of any elements on a site.

It isn't fair to others in this community if plagiarized content is praised alongside their own hard work, and it leaves a bitter taste if fellow members unwittingly take the time to read and leave feedback on content that wasn't the site owner's to begin with. In any case, this shouldn't be a community where such content is allowed to thrive.

We don't take violations of this rule lightly, and will judge them on a case by case basis. Using uncredited fanart is one thing, copying content another; the same goes for one-time and repeated transgressions. If you ever have any concerns or questions regarding plagiarism, or how we have dealt with cases of plagiarism, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Keep creating your own content, and if you ever doubt yourself, you are always welcome to post on these forums for advice and suggestions.
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