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Community Update Hashtag

Postby Lethe » Sat May 27, 2017 3:30 am

To encourage networking and to provide a hassle-free way to keep informed about our members' website activities, The Rose Keep offers a hashtag for use on social media, most notably Twitter:


Anytime there is an update to your sites, you are welcome to tag the respective tweet(s) or post with #rosekeep. Doing so allows others to see all activity at a glance by tracking the hashtag, without having to seek out decentralized platforms such as individual Twitters or update logs. Naturally, you are still free to add a link to your update log for further information! :yes:

Credit for this idea goes to the German PinkPearl Info - check out their #ppiupdate hashtag if interested! :heart:

Usage Guidelines

There isn't a way for us to moderate content posted off-site, but we ask of you to keep the following in mind when using the hashtag.

  • Site updates only.
    The hashtag is meant to be an updates feed for activities around your sites. It is not to be used to talk about what you're currently working on, what plans you have, or to ask for help or input. Please take that to the forums or tweet without the hashtag. Talking about any of this in conversations that result from the initial hashtag tweet is okay, as subsequent tweets are no longer tagged.
  • Do not spam.
    Only tag tweets and updates that you think would be of interest to others who track the hashtag. Minor updates such as a typo sweep may have a place on your personal or network Twitter, but not in the hashtag. Use your best judgement for this.
  • Do not plug stolen content.
    Our usual community rules apply.

Repeated violation of the guidelines leads to administrative measures.
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