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Community Rules

Postby Lethe » Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:47 am

The purpose of The Rose Keep is to provide a friendly environment where anyone interested in amateur website-making can prosper. Visitors and those who have not made any sites yet are welcome as well. The community is a place to exchange ideas and to share knowledge and resources so as to support each other. Any behaviour that compromises that goal is unwelcome, as is anyone known to have displayed such behaviour.

You are expected to know the following rules before posting.

Member Interaction

  • Be respectful.
    You are free to speak your mind, but respect boundaries and be mindful of the language you use with others. You don't have to agree with everyone on everything, but if you can't engage respectfully on a topic, keep out of it. Trolling, flaming, harrassment, personal attacks and starting drama are not tolerated under any circumstance.
  • Do not use offensive language.
    This notably includes derogatory terms and the frequent use of swear words. Discriminatory and hateful remarks regarding sex, race, religion and other targets of prejudice are not allowed.
  • Keep political discussions in moderation.
    The rules above apply to any talk of politics. Name-calling, incendiary posts and heated arguments are not allowed.
  • Do not steal content.
    Plagiarism is considered a serious offense as it goes against the community's vision and may disrupt member interactions, especially where a fellow member's creative work is concerned. See Plugging and Commenting Rules for details. Note that if a fellow member is affected, this rule applies to you as a member of the community whether or not you plug the content in question.

Forum Posts

  • Post in English.
    Posts containing other languages are allowed as long as the main communication language is English.
  • Post in the right section.
    If a topic about the same subject already exists, reply there instead of making a new one.
  • Stay on-topic.
    Do not derail or hijack topics. If a conversation strays too far from the original post, make a new topic or take it to PMs.
  • Do not spam.
    Spamming includes making posts with little substance, and bumping or reviving topics without anything relevant to add.
  • Do not double-post.
    Double-posting is the act of posting in the same topic more than once in succession without much time between posts when there are no significant announcements to warrant it. Use the 'edit' button instead.
  • Do not post illegal, violent, graphic or offensive content.
    This notably includes pirateware and information as to how to obtain it, pornography, and hateful material.
  • Mark spoilers.
    Use the 'toggle' BBCode where appropriate, and label a topic with [Spoilers] if it's prone to spoilers in its entirety.
  • Mark mature content.
    Use the 'toggle' BBCode where appropriate, and label a topic with [Mature] if mature content is a fundamental part of it, or if it contains mature content not separated by the 'toggle' BBCode. Mature content notably includes material of sexual nature, and may only be posted in relation to fandom topics and artistic endeavours.

Avatars, Signatures and Images

  • Respect the forum rules.
    The rules above apply. Any graphics you use need to be suitable for general audiences. In the case of fanart usage for avatars and signatures, we require you to have permission from the artist. Consider dropping a name and link to them in the What's your icon? topic to let us know!
  • Use a reasonable signature size.
    Signatures shouldn't be so big that they obstruct the legibility within topics. The maximum height is 120px.
  • Use the 'toggle' BBCode when posting large images or a large amount of images.
    Images of considerable width or height and image-heavy posts fall under this. Use your best judgement.

Rule Enforcement

  • Forum Moderation
    Topics and posts are moved, merged, split and locked as needed to keep the forums organized. Accidentally posting in the wrong place is not considered an offense, unless it happens frequently out of disregard for the rules.
  • Administrative Measures
    Repeated violation of the rules in a way that makes other members uncomfortable or disrupts the workings of the forums leads to administrative measures. These measures differ depending on the severity of the violation and the amount of transgressions. In general, they will follow the order of informal warning(s) > formal warning > ban.
  • Alerting Administrators
    If you feel as though community rules are violated, please bring it to an administrator's attention rather than taking matters into your own hands. Use the 'report' button if needed. If a member makes you feel uncomfortable around the community, feel free to reach out anytime.

These rules were last updated in July 2017 and may change in the future. Any change will be communicated with the community's members.

Note that specific forums have additional rules:
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Re: Community Rules

Postby Lethe » Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:33 pm

The rules in this topic and in Planning, Collaborations, Resources and Services Rules have been slightly edited for clarification regarding avatars and signatures, as well as on the usage of the Planning forum. :yes:
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