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Get advice on specific projects in their planning stage, set up joint projects or events, and exchange resources.
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Re: Directory Advice?

Postby Crystal » Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:23 pm

Sophia wrote:Totally makes sense, madame wintercress. ❤ In the two shrines I've made, I think part of my motivation has been something like BUT WAIT LOOK AT THIS THING, stemming from a sense that the subject in question hasn't gotten their just amount of attention. Part of that is not seeing a space where I could talk about them (and so not seeing a space where they are being talked about). I want to address more of this, but I am still work zombie Sophia, unfortunately. Let's talk shrines more soon :heart2: And I appreciate the support for the idea, I think I may have misinterpreted ( :eyes: ) you and Lethe as rejecting rather than discussing the merits of the two different directories.

I totally get that. :D Some sites you just gotta make and hope people will look at them too. And yes we should! I'm on Discord most of the time so hit me up if you ever want to talk sites. Nooooo totally go for it! There's no definitive way something should be so do it!
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Re: Directory Advice?

Postby Robin » Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:24 pm

I love the idea of both these sites--collecting network subtitles into one site just sounds cool AF, and the FAVE cliquetory (clique + directory? maybe that's a workable portmanteau?) is AWESOME. Short owner interview + links to what they feel is their best work = WOOT.
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