Unwind: an ASMR information site

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Unwind: an ASMR information site

Postby Robin » Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:58 pm

an ASMR information site

I made a new site! And in other news, pigs are growing wings and taking to the skies!!

This site covers the pleasant psycho-physical phenomenon of ASMR. There is a general info page plus plenty of curated pages of videos, sorted by type to help folks explore and appreciate this pastime.

I've been enjoying and benefiting from ASMR for a few years now--it helps with relaxation, boredom, and sleep, all things I definitely need help with (LOL). My hope is that my site will help explain it better and help others discover their favorite ASMR "triggers."

(Many many thanks to dubiousdisc for helping me troubleshoot the design--we finally got it readable and pretty! :D)
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